Hi, Sam and I want you to join us in a fantasy basketball league/bookclub. I'll try to introduce some details about the fantasy league. If anything doesn't make sense or you want to learn more, please get in touch with me or Sam.

What is fantasy basketball?

Fantasy sports are a way to prove who is the best at arbitrarily selecting which professional athletes will perform well. The opportunities to run a real NBA team are quite limited, so we will make up a league of imaginary teams and pick players already in the NBA onto them. The performance of your team will be tied to how well the players you select accumulate various statistics. Each week your team will match up with another team in our league, and whoever has the numerical advantage in the most categories will win that week. Near the end of the NBA season there will be a single elimination bracket set up to determine the ultimate champion. Luck is one of the greatest determining factors of fantasy basketball performance, so the bar for new players remains quite low. However, if your team starts performing well you can brag to everyone else how ideal your system is. It's that easy.

Important Dates, time requirement

NBA Season start - October 28, 2014
Fantasy Playoffs start - March 9, 2015
Fantasy Playoffs end - March 29, 2015
NBA Season end - April 15, 2015

Draft night

The draft will be roughly a week before the season starts. (We will adjust the date/time to accomodate the greatest number.) Keep in mind that there will be over one hundred players to be picked, so the draft will likely take two to three hours.

What are the rules for this league?

The goal for this league is to have ten teams, each with 14 players. (We can adjust this to fit the number of participants.) Additionally, we will use weekly lineup setting in the hopes of cutting down on the time needed to track lineups each day.

The bare minimum for participation is that you set a lineup each week. Depending on the amount of analysis and roster changes you wish to carry out, this can take from a few minutes to a full week each week of the league. If you choose to play, we ask that you try your best to stay on top of roster maintenance, because the league becomes exponentially less entertaining for everyone involved as participants give up on their teams. If you must stop playing mid-season, please try to find a replacement or talk to us about finding a replacement.

Even more boring rules

The league will be set up as a weekly 9-category head-to-head league. This means that each week your team will be matched up against someone else's team, and the overall winner of the week will be the team that records the highest total in at least 5 of the 9 categories. (Points, Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Blocks, Turnovers*, 3-Pointers Made, Double-Doubles, and Free-Throw Percentage)

The overall record will be used to seed the top eight teams for the final playoffs. (Playoffs will last 4 weeks).

*The team with fewer turnovers will win the category, because turnovers really suck.

Future updates

If you are worried about not having enough experience or not knowing enough about basketball to participate, stop worrying. I'll write more words to explain and give tips before the draft and regular season begin.